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College Basketball Invitational: Quarterfinals Start Today On HDNet

The College Basketball Invitational is no NCAA Tournament—or NIT, for that matter—but its quarterfinals round begins today, and the TV schedule shows Davidson at Creighton and Duquesne at Oregon on HDNet if you're deep in the throes of basketball tournament withdrawal. March Madness, after a fashion, found as follows:

The quarterfinals kick off with Rhode Island at the University of Central Florida at 6 PM, but that won't be televised; at 7 PM, on HDNet, you'll find Davidson taking on Creighton. The Missouri Valley Conference's own Evansville plays Boise State in Idaho at 8 PM, and the HDNet schedule closes at 9 PM when Duquense takes on Oregon at Eugene. 

Last year's CBI champion was VCU, who beat out St. Louis University to take the title. The tournament began in 2008; each year it invites 16 teams who weren't selected for the NCAA Tournament or the NIT. The University of Northern Iowa, former back-to-back MVC champions, were recently eliminated in the Postseason Tournament, a competing sub-NIT tournament.