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Obama Bracket Update: President Near Top Of March Madness Charts

Heading into the Sweet 16 President Barack Obama's NCAA Tournament bracket, maligned though it may be for apparently causing the crisis in Libya, remains one of the top brackets on ESPN even after the decimation of most of his bracket for the Southwest regional. Those with an especially partisan kind of March Madness will be pleased or dismayed to note that the Commander in Chief's East and West brackets remain nearly perfect, with only Marquette's upset win over Syracuse out of place. Among the president's decidedly uncontroversial Final Four choices only Pitt is out of the tournament; Ohio State, Duke, and national champions Kansas remain intact. 

For the president to win out the rest of his bracket he'd need Ohio State to top Kentucky and then UNC; Duke to beat UConn; Florida to top BYU in the Sweet 16; and Kansas to beat Ohio State in the National Championship game in Houston. If all of that happens I would suggest tuning into Sean Hannity on the evening of April 5, to see if winning the White House pool had anything to do with the United States' response to the recent Japanese tsunami.