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NCAA Bracket 2011: Sweet 16 Printable Bracket Now Available

SB Nation's printable NCAA Bracket for 2011 has been updated to reflect the bloodbath your bracket took in the Sweet 16, which is either nice of my bosses or really cruel of them, depending on your perspective. You can find the official, regally titled 2011 NCAA Tournament printable bracket at that link, if you're into that kind of thing. 

What was your biggest bracket-busting loss? Pitt is the only No. 1 seed out of the running as of the Sweet 16, but I can't imagine there were a lot of people in your pool picking Butler to rub them out. Losing Louisville in the first round was probably a minor disaster for a few people, and Texas a round later—the four seed seems like the place for maximum bracket carnage, because the teams in it could be plausibly chosen as upset candidates (obviously) and Elite Eight teams in equal measure. They seem chosen strictly to cut the bracket field as deeply as possible. 

Which, mission accomplished. 

As for that smug guy in your pool who picked Richmond to go all the way because he thought it was cool that they were named the Spiders—well, at least you won't have to put up with that much longer. (Though, to be fair, there's a very small chance that they beat Kansas and you have to put up with it forever.)