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Mike Anderson Arkansas Razorbacks' New Head Coach, Per Report

Mike Anderson, who will come to regret having said, just last week, that "[he planned] on being at Missouri", will have to telecommute—he's leaving Missouri basketball for a head coaching job with the Arkansas Razorbacks, according to reports from multiple news outlets. Anderson was an assistant coach at Arkansas's basketball program for 17 seasons under Nolan Richardson and has been linked to their head coaching job almost constantly since then. 

The story's still lacking official word from Missouri, Arkansas, or Mike Anderson—it's a news vacuum that's led Missouri alum and Post-Dispatch writer Derrick Goold to send an open Tweet: "Dear Mike Anderson, Please end the madness. Make a call. Heck, text it. Tweet. Change your Facebook status. Something. Thanks, Mizzou alum."

But so far, nothing doing. Anderson hasn't given tweet one to a hungry Missouri fanbase, and meanwhile every news outlet in Arkansas is rushing to out-scoop the other, providing more and more pseudo-confirmation as the hours pass. Pretty soon one of them is going to announce that Mike Anderson hasn't just signed his contract, he also coached Arkansas all last season.