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NCAA Bracket Update: UConn Eliminates San Diego State 74-67

San Diego State had no answer for Kemba Walker and UConn, and the Mountain West Conference champions—the best team in Aztecs history—couldn't hold on to a lead midway through the second half, falling to the Huskies in the Sweet 16 by a score of 74-67. The Aztecs, 34-3 in the final estimation, were led by Malcolm Thomas, who scored 16 points on 11 shots and picked up eight rebounds. They're the second two-seed to fall and the first in this NCAA bracket update; Florida won an overtime victory against BYU, and UNC has yet to face No. 11 Marquette. Kemba Walker scored 36 points while playing all 40 minutes for the Huskies, going 12-25 from the field and putting in eight free throws. 

The Aztecs won their first 20 games in the regular season before losing 71-58 to BYU in January, but it took them two overtimes to top Temple in their round-of-32 matchup, following a 68-50 victory over Northern Colorado in the newly christened second round of the NCAA Tournament.