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2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket: Elite Eight, Kansas Draws Upset Straight

SB Nation's 2011 NCAA Tournament printable bracket has been updated following the results of the Sweet 16, and the resulting Elite Eight bracket leaves Kansas with an exciting chance to just miss a March Madness bracket Upset Straight. Starting with No. 9-Illinois, Kansas has dropped No. 12 Richmond, faces No. 11 VCU in their Elite Eight matchup, and could get No. 8 Butler in the Final Four. If only a 10 seed from the other side of the bracket, Georgia or Penn State, had gotten out of the second round and stalked their way to a National Championship game; we'll have to settle for a hand of 16-12-11-9-8. 

With the Elite Eight Kansas is finally the last No. 1 seed standing in the NCAA Tournament bracket—Pitt fell in the round of 32, while Duke and Ohio State lost on consecutive days of Sweet 16 action. In the East regional Kentucky, fresh from pruning a No. 1 from the ranks, draws No. 2 UNC; out west No. 5 Arizona was the assassin, and they'll get No. 3 UConn for their troubles. Butler and Florida complete the ranks of the remaining tournament teams, with Butler looking to win another ugly, slow upset on their way to a second consecutive Final Four appearance.