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Mel Kiper's Hair Bet On Arizona-UConn NCAA Tournament Game

Mel Kiper's hair is—and I'm speaking unequivocally—the NFL Draft expert's primary asset, and as we get deeper into 2011 NFL Mock Draft season it's only going to get more important. Which is why I'm amazed that he's suggested he'll dye it blonde if his Connecticut Huskies lose their Elite Eight matchup with the No. 5-seed Arizona Wildcats. That's like Michael Jackson betting the ability to moonwalk that he beats the Whip Warriors in Captain EO—it'll probably happen, but why take the chance? 

If you're suddenly more interested in this particular matchup, UConn takes on Arizona tonight at 5:55 PM CDT on CBS. The 2011 NFL Draft season continues through the end of April, by which time Kiper should have some beautiful brunette roots showing through his hypothetical lost bet. 

What I'm not sure about is what Mel Kiper gets out of this bet, besides a series of viral blog entries about his perfect coif. He needs to ask for something in return, like the opportunity to obliviate everyone who heard him talk up Jimmy Clausen before last year's draft.