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Kentucky Final Four Preview: The Wildcats' NCAA Tournament Comeback

The Kentucky Wildcats' return to NCAA Tournament glory in making the 2011 Final Four would be a great story most years; unfortunately, this year it comes as Butler and VCU dominate the scrappy-underdog talk with their incredibly improbable NCAA bracket runs. A Sea of Blue did its best to counteract that narrative Monday morning after the Wildcats' big win over the UNC Tar Heels, writing about the Wildcats' long wandering in a relative March Madness wilderness.

Nobody's going to accuse Kentucky of being a basketball underdog, given their long string of NCAA Tournament championships, but after a run like that it's tough to miss the Final Four for 12 years running. (It's like the St. Louis Cardinals' long World Series "drought", as exercised in 2006.) 

A Sea of Blue mentions Brandon Knight and Kentucky's "lights-out" shooting as key reasons for their run past UNC, and is just pleased, for now, that Kentucky still has a chance to advance further. They worry, of course, about UConn's primary gunner—"Kemba Walker is, in all honesty, too good to guard effectively."