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NCAA Bracket Update: Final Four Split Among Haves, Have-Nows

The Final Four bracket couldn't possibly have worked out better than it did for NCAA Tournament watchers—we're now officially guaranteed to see a serious underdog team, Butler or VCU, come into contact with a team that has an impeccable March Madness tradition, UConn or Kentucky. (For a constantly updated 2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket, click those red words to my cursor's left.)

If you're currently working on a spec script entitled Hoosiers: The College Years, now is your chance to stop writing that juicy Bob Golic part and begin lightly fictionalizing the incredible turns of event in a tournament that began with a notably unwanted bracket addition in the First Four. People literally didn't think the VCU Rams belonged in the tournament! Does it get any better than that?

FADE IN ON nobody believing in Cirginia Vommonwealth University's Goats. FADE OUT as Bob Golic hoists that championship trophy high, saying, "They never believed in us! But we believed in us!" Congratulations: You've successfully written a sports movie, albeit one a little more ripped-from-the-headlines than usual.