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Final Four Schedule: VCU Vs. Butler Kick Off Saturday On CBS

The penultimate day on the 2011 NCAA Tournament TV schedule comes Saturday, when the Final Four begins on CBS. No. 11 VCU will take on No. 8 Butler at 5:09 CDT, in the clash of the universal bracket murderers, while Kentucky and UConn, already overshadowed in this FInal Four by their upset-y brethren, will play the late game, set to go on at 7:49. 

They'll be playing in Reliant Stadium, Houston's less-iconic replacement for the Astrodome. Mid-Major Madness suggests we "appreciate VCU and Butler for what they are", which is different, I guess, for appreciating them as part of a huge upset freak show. (Who knew—teams don't like being objectified any more than people do?) Meanwhile, ticket prices are apparently down from past Final Fours. People like watching Cinderella squads on TV, but they don't quite bring the alumni as readily as, say, Kansas and Duke...

After the Final Four you'll have to wait until the April 4 for the culmination of the March Madness Year of the Pitcher Upset, when the National Championship hits CBS at 8:00.