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St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day: Busch Stadium Is Finally In Session

The St. Louis Cardinals return to action after an excruciatingly long offseason on Major League Baseball's Opening Day, which, I am pleased to discover, came especially early this year. Game time is 3:15; if you can't hit Busch Stadium in time for all the pomp and circumstance, St. Louisans will find it on Fox Sports Midwest at the usual place, while ESPN will carry it in some markets as part of their Opening Day Baseball Extravaganza. Chris Carpenter gets the start against the San Diego Padres; Jim Edmonds, whose lingering foot injury kept him from what would have been a truly fantastic comeback in St. Louis, will throw the first pitch, and hopefully lay out for the first dive.

FSM watchers will get, according to the P-D, a get-pumped-about-the-season feature about baseball in St. Louis, among other pregame material, starting at 11:00. I hope you weren't planning on going to work, or anything, though if you must you'll at least be able to get the radio signal again—the Cardinals are back on 1120 KMOX, after years in what appeared to be a radio station broadcasting from Myanmar.