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College Baseball Rankings: Oklahoma Dominates A Strong Big 12

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Two Big 12 schools find themselves in the top 25 in the March 6 editions of the latest NCAA baseball rankings, and fans of the Kyle Gibson and Aaron Crow era as well as people who've looked at the Big 12 college baseball standings lately will be unsurprised to learn that Missouri isn't one of them. 14-0 Oklahoma, who won five games last week, float between two and three on rankings from Baseball America, USA Today/ESPN, and the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper; Texas A&M, third in the conference with a 9-3 record, also find themselves firmly in the top 25. 


The Tigers' first homestand of the season, against Illinois-Chicago, ended with a win and two losses, and they'll next attempt to right the 3-7 ship in two home games against Gonzaga on March 8 and 9. They'll be home for most of the month before playing the University of Illinois in a March 29 game in St. Louis, at Busch Stadium. 


The Tigers finished 2010 29-26, but have a lot of holes to fill as the 2011 season continues. At 3-7 they're one of two Big 12 teams below .500 in the early going of the 2011 season, along with Kansas.