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2011 NCAA Tournament: VCU's Shaka Smart(?) Theme Song

Of all the things the internet has done for sports coverage, this is perhaps the most vital: It's led to an exponential increase in short-term, YouTube-hosted novelty songs. For the 2011 NCAA Tournament: This VCU Rams-related ditty, a "Hooked on a Feeling"-inspired number called "Shaka's Got 'Em Believing." It's very Shaka, but I'll have you judge for yourself as to just how smart you give it credit for being—

Ooga Shaka, indeed. I've got to admit—the production values are pretty strong all the way through. (No surprise: It's a production, apparently, of "The World's Greatest 70's Show Band.")  I can't wait for their version of "Dirty Diana" when some team offers Shaka Smart Mike Anderson money to get taken for granted at a much larger institution. Do they have anything in jilted-lover parodies with a rhyme scheme that fits "Matt Painter"? 

In the meantime, VCU fans are left to ponder what other songs they can fit their coach and folk hero's name into. My guess is that it gets much more difficult from here.