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College Baseball Rankings: Texas, Oklahoma Continue Big 12 Shuffle

Back to the college baseball rankings drawing board: The Texas Longhorns continued their uphill climb last week, topping out at No. 4 on the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper NCAA baseball rankings and No. 7 in the USA Today/ESPNTop 25. At 24-8 they're clearly behind dominant Virginia and Vanderbilt baseball squads, who take the top spots in each ranking, but they've continue their upward momentum. Texas A&M baseball has stalled out, falling to No. 8 from seven in the CBN poll and six from five for USA Today/ESPN. 


Elsewhere in the Big 12 baseball standings, Oklahoma hangs on in 16th and 10th place after a hot start that put them nearly atop the rankings early in the season, while Oklahoma State baseball makes its appearance in the Top 25, entering at 21 in the USA Today/ESPN poll and 18 for Collegiate Baseball Newspaper. 


As for Missouri Baseball—it's still best if you didn't ask. On Saturday they finally snapped their nine-game losing streak. Of course, all that did was put them at 14-21, with a 2-8 record in-conference, but if nothing else it's always heartening to learn they've beaten Kansas.