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St. Louis Rams 2011 Schedule To Be Released Tonight

The St. Louis Rams' 2011 schedule will be revealed tonight, when the entire 2011 NFL schedule is announced on the NFL Network at 6:00 PM CDT. Not announced: Whether or not the season will actually take place. With the NFL lockout still a matter for Minnesota courts to decide, and free agency still not going on at all, the schedule reveal is the only actual NFL news we're likely to see between now and April 28's 2011 NFL Draft. 

It'll be hard to enjoy 2011 NFL schedule news when it's impossible to know whether or not any games will actually be paid, but I'm sure Rams fans and fans throughout the NFL will find a way. It's not officially the football season until you can begin complaining about how hard your team's schedule is, and how easy the rest of the division has it. 

At SB Nation St. Louis we'll have the schedule available for your hypothetical perusal right after it comes out on NFL Network, just in case you're one of the 290 million people in America who does not get the NFL Network.