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Final Four Schedule: VCU Vs. Butler, UConn Vs. Kentucky On CBS TV Slate

Congratulations, 2011 NCAA Tournament watcher, you've made it past the hiatus—the Final Four is tonight on CBS, with the VCU Rams taking on the Butler Bulldogs in the underdog bracket portion of the Final Four schedule starting at 5:00 CDT. That could well not be enough penultimate March Madness for you, in which case you should consider keeping the channel on CBS (or remaining inside Reliant Stadium) for the Kentucky Wildcats and the Connecticut Huskies, who play at 7:49. 

VCU and Butler are the stories of the tournament, everyone's favorite underdogs, and justifiably so; it's almost disturbingly perfect that a First Four team managed to come this far in the first year of everybody's least favorite new bracket addition. But I can't imagine many people will decide against that second, appropriately seeded dose of near-final college basketball. 

After that it's just a short pause and the NCAA Tournament's National Championship, which will involve at least a No. 8 seed. Which is pretty cool, unless you were one of those one or two seeds who found themselves totally shut out of the Final Four.