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Albert Pujols Injury: Pujols, Hamstring Will Rest Over Off-Day

Albert Pujols, who tweaked his hamstring in the eighth inning of the St. Louis Cardinals' 3-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds, is optimistic but guarded about the injury a day later; his comments after Sunday's game suggest he thinks he'll be able to play Tuesday against the Houston Astros, but is at the same time glad to see an off day in between series. 

Pujols felt the hamstring tightness running down the line on a possible infield single and pulled up jogging short of first base. He finished the game 1-4, and was replaced at first base by Lance Berkman, who moved in from right field to the position he's primarily played since 2005. 

If Pujols misses any length of time the Cardinals also have Memphis Redbirds first baseman Mark Hamilton on the active roster; he was brought in last week to replace Allen Craig as the team's primarily pinch-hitting weapon while Craig was on the disabled list. Hamilton hit .298/.389/.585 with 18 home runs over 72 games for AAA Memphis in 2010.