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NCAA Championship Game 2011 Odds: UConn Favored Vs. Butler In Early Betting

This shouldn’t come as a shock to people who enjoy the anybody-can-win spectacle of the NCAA Tournament, but there’s a second piece to being beloved 2011 NCAA Championship Game underdogs—the matter of being picked to lose to the other team. In early betting action the odds have UConn favored by 3.5 points, which would be strangely low if the NCAA Tournament weren’t so strangely close all the time.

The line has already moved from its initial position, which had the Connecticut Huskies on top of the Bulldogs by four points; apparently betters love the underdog so far just as much as the average casual tournament fan.

For what it’s worth, The UConn Blog is, at this very moment, one of the most confident SB Nation blogs in the universe, with a confidence poll that hovers around 90 of late. That’s what happens when you’re in the presence of Kemba Walker and the Kemba Walker Philharmonic, and while I’m sure they’d demure if asked directly, they would probably also be happy to bet UConn to win by more than four points.