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Frank Haith, Missouri Basketball In Head Coach Intrigue

Here's a strange turn in the Missouri basketball head coach saga—Frank Haith, head coach of the Miami Hurricanes, has been tied to the Missouri Tigers job. After Mike Anderson and Matt Painter this is... a bit of a letdown. Rock M Nation's comments section is confused, to say the least. "Matt Painter was a half-court shot", reads one, "Shaka Smart was a three-pointer, Frank Haith is dunking on one of those three-foot plastic basketball hoops in your den." 

Haith is a well-regarded recruiter who plays a plodding game of basketball, apparently; Miami most recently lost to Alabama in the NIT quarterfinals after a 21-15 season. They've been ranked three times in Haith's seven years, as high as 17th, and made one NCAA Tournament appearance, losing in the second round in 2008. 

Haith has coached at Miami since 2004. He is quite possibly the strangest pick Missouri AD Mike Alden could have made, and the immediate Twitter reaction suggests he'll have a lot to explain if it comes true.