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NCAA Championship Game 2011: Matt Howard, "Awkward But Relentless Engine"

I don't think I've heard a ever heard a whiter description of a basketball player than the great line our own Jason Kirk dropped ahead of the 2011 NCAA Championship Game's opening tip-off (and I read Larry Bird's Drive twice!): "Matt Howard has been the awkward but relentless engine" of Butler in propelling them to their second straight national championship appearance. 

It's in reference to this article, in which Butler coach Brad Stevens tells us Howard's "mind and his motor are different." Which is a strange quote, because it seems like what Coach Stevens is actually saying is that his mind and his motor are both going to make up for any athletic deficiencies when it comes time to translate his skills to the NBA. In other white-athlete-adjective news, he's later described as crafty and competitive. 

I bought a bunch of these in bulk—they came with my copy of Drive—so I'd like to leave some of them out here, in case you have a use for them. "Stick-to-itive"; "gritty"; "blue-collar"; "hard-workingest"; "gym-ratty"; "play-hardiest." Oh, do I have too many play-hardiests.