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NCAA Championship Game 2011 Score: UConn Tops Butler 53-41

For a second year in a row the Butler Bulldogs couldn't quite put together a run at the NCAA Championship Game. 2011's contest saw the perennial underdogs fall to the UConn Huskies by a final score of 53-41. Butler shot just 12-64 from the field, including a 1-13 night from star Matt Howard, and though Connecticut shot just 19-55 themselves the Huskies managed to end the game having made fewer mistakes. 

Shelvin Mack went 4-15, with all his makes from behind the arc, to pace Butler with 13. Even Kemba Walker wasn't immune to the low-scoring morass; he picked up his game-leading 16 points on 5-19 shooting, including an 0-4 performance from behind the three-point line. If it weren't for UConn's 14-16 performance at the foul line I'm not sure either team would have scored any points at all. 

With 94 points scored between the two squads, and no particular defensive brilliance on display, the 2011 NCAA Championship Game was just final proof that a great NCAA Tournament cannot, no matter how great, promise a watchable national championship game.