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Randy Moss, St. Louis Rams Connected In Offseason Rumors

With free-agency the most visible victim of the ongoing NFL lockout, St. Louis Rams have little recourse save rumors and speculation with which to consider their always-thin wide receiving corps. To that end, they're one of the teams connected with Randy Moss in recent weeks. The Rams are certainly a plausible fit for Moss; they were unable to pick up a number-one receiver through the draft and Josh McDaniels, their new offensive coordinator, was instrumental in Moss's brilliant (and brief) comeback with the New England Patriots.

But I wonder whether a team that just drafted two wide receivers and a pass-catching tight end is ready to take on a reclamation project. McDaniels and company seem intent to build for the future, and if they're also content to build for the future Moss might find himself with one suitor fewer whenever free agency finally begins.

For their part, TST is skeptical but "wouldn't be surprised at anything right now." Moss's steep fall from grace means he won't be the circus sideshow he was even last year—at least until he's signed. But until then it's just a matter of seeing how many pillars is enough for Steve Spagnuolo.