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MLB Draft 2011 Prospects: Cardinals Take 22nd Pick In Draft

The draft's constant whine of increasing signing bonus demands means the St. Louis Cardinals will have their pick of many of the top 2011 MLB Draft prospects when it comes around on June 6, even though they're choosing 22nd overall; last year they took the player many considered the draft's top college hitter, Zack Cox, despite having the 25th pick in the draft, due to their willingness to give him the Major League contract he desired. 

Of course, some players will be out of reach no matter what they ask, even if there's no Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper locked in to this year's number one spot. The current Mock Draft has Gerrit Cole going first overall to the Pittsburgh Pirates, whose new regime is loath to pick for draftability in the wake of the Daniel Moskos disaster. 

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