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Joplin, MO Tornado: How To Help

With the I-70 Series just this past weekend the cross-Missouri rivalry is fresh on our minds, but the tornado that struck Joplin Sunday night is one of those situations that make it clear what a luxury it is to exhibit rancor toward another group of people based on their sports habits. Joplin's well off the Cardinals side of the state, but Monday, I suspect, will show just how much these rivalries bring people together after the stadium empties out. 


KMBC has a list of ways for Missourians to help Missourians in the wake of the disaster. I'm far-removed from the coverage at the moment, so if you've heard about additional opportunities for monetary and logistical support I'd appreciate a simple link in the comments. (This is one of those times when advertising in the comments section of a blog is encouraged; I'll try to update this post as links for donations and volunteering come in, and as the local and regional authorities get a better grasp on the situation.)