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College Baseball Rankings: Virginia, Florida Find Top 25 Glory

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Virginia found its way atop the USA Today/ESPN college baseball rankings after sliding to third the week before, while Collegiate Baseball Newspaper gave the top of their own NCAA baseball rankings to Florida following a decisive win over Vanderbilt in the SEC Tournament. South Carolina slipped in both Top 25s after their lackluster performance in that same tournament, while Big 12 baseball was represented in the Top 5 by Texas, who finished fifth in both polls with an overall record of 43-15. 


Six Big 12 teams earned a berth in the NCAA Baseball Championships—Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Kansas State, Texas, and Texas A&M. Texas and A&M are both No. 1 seeds, while Oklahoma, the preseason pick of the Big 12 litter, and Baylor are No. 2 seeds. The action begins Friday, June 3, when Texas and Princeton will kick off the action in Austin at 6:30. 


For complete Top 25 rankings, check out the official rankings pages at and the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.