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2011 Kentucky Derby Video: Watch The Full Race, Pretend You're Psychic

Full video of the Kentucky Derby for 2011 is available at the Official Churchill Downs website, with a URL ending in live, and depending on how uncertain your friends are about the actual start time of the Kentucky Derby you still have a solid hour before sundown to pretend you’re some kind of horse-psychic, a la the Hold Steady’s Chips Ahoy.

I recommend starting the race with a distant look in your eyes, and saying, perhaps, “I’m worried about Dialed In… but—I’m more worried about Archarcharch. Something… something’s not right.” Then continue by acting disappointed that you weren’t able to get your superfecta bet in on time.

This is the modern equivalent of that old sitcom gag where someone is made to believe they’ve just picked the correct lottery numbers, only to learn of the ruse when they hear the hiss of the VCR under everybody else’s snickering. It’s easier, in 2011, because you don’t have to explain why you’ve just brought a VCR home.