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NBA Draft 2011: NBA Analysts Finally As Clueless As MLB Draft Fans

Good news for fans of the MLB Draft who often find it difficult to explain just how little information you tend to get about your new favorite players outside of the first round: The 2011 NBA Draft just did it for you. After a rumor began to spread that teams late in the second round were interested in drafting a player out of Qatar named Targuy Ngombo—or maybe Tanguy Ngombo—NBA analysts had to scramble to figure out just who he was. Most of the discussion about him prior to draft day happened on international basketball-oriented message boards; the NBA Draft Tracker page for him is a refreshingly blank throwback to the day the St. Louis Cardinals selected Amaury Cazana Marti, 27, of NO SCHOOL. 


People who follow the MLB Draft have to deal with this after—say, after about 50 picks every year. And then, 50 rounds later, the draft is finally over, and you have a lot of names to not bother trying to remember. Targuy Ngombo would just be another non-face in the crowd.