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Spelling Bee 2011: St. Louis's Finest, Rounak Nag Bera, Just Misses Semifinals

The Scripps National Spelling Bee for 2011 is over, and the victor is Sukanya Roy, a 14-year-old from Pennsylvania with a future in international relations who correctly spelled the word cymotrichous, which Mac OS X's built-in spell-check could not appreciate any less. But a word of congratulations is in order to St. Louis's champion, Rounak Nag Bera, who missed out on the semifinals after failing to score enough points in the written test. A fifth-grader this year, he's got more than enough time to avenge his defeat and earn the honor of becoming the Official Speller of SB Nation St. Louis. 


One suggestion for next year's competition: Enlist the services of Tony La Russa. La Russa might turn his sixth-grade life into a constant, paranoid nightmare of conspiracy theories and black clouds, but he's got a long history of turning veterans into championship contenders, and at 12 Bera will no longer be a Spelling Bee rookie. I just hope he's okay with, you know, hating everybody all the time.