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NCAA Baseball Regionals 2011: Big 12 Schools All Over Regional Brackets

Mizzou's disappointing turn in the 2011 college baseball season doesn't leave the Big 12 hurting for representation in the NCAA baseball regionals for 2011, which begin today. Here's a look at the schedule, which starting at 2 PM CDT has Oklahoma State baseball taking on Troy, Oklahoma against Dallas Baptist, and Baylor facing off against Cal. 


(3) Troy vs. (2) Oklahoma State

(3) Dallas Baptist vs. (2) Oklahoma

(3) California vs. (2) Baylor

6:30 PM CDT

(4) Princeton vs. (1) Texas

(4) Wright State vs. (1) Texas A&M

The Big 12 was won by Texas and Texas A&M, who each finished 19-8 in conference, while Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Baylor all finished at or near .500. This biggest outlier: Kansas State, who went 36-23 but just 12-14 overall to end up on the outside of the tournament looking in. Missouri fought back from early ignominy to finish at 11-15 in conference, third from the bottom. 

For more on the NCAA baseball regionals, continue to follow this storystream.