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NFL Lockout: Chris Cooley Commits Player Tampering As John Elway, Carson Palmer

During the NFL lockout there's a strict ban on communication between players and team personnel—so strict that Chad Ochocinco has been forced to walk barefoot for the duration of the lockout, instead of talking to his equipment manager. Ochocinco's estranged quarterback, Carson Palmer, was recently called up by John Elway, who reportedly hated Tim Tebow and needed a more conventional quarterback to run his offense; Palmer followed that call up to John Fox, but the whole thing was intercepted by an unnamed GM, who reported it to Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis. Except all of these people were in fact Chris Cooley, the prank-loving tight end for the Washington Redskins


Cooley is awesome, but I'm more interested in whether it's a violation of tampering rules if one unrelated player is orchestrating the whole thing as several other players and coaches. Until Chris Cooley prank-calls a lawyer, or someone intimately familiar with lockout rules at the NFLPA, we may never know.