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Colby Rasmus Trade Rumors Remain Infuriating Ahead Of Deadline

Colby Rasmus's most recent slump has landed him on MLB Trade Rumors again, and while the Tampa Bay Rays certainly have a lot of interesting trade-bait on the roster, I can't imagine enough of it coming back in any deal for Colby Rasmus for this kind of trade talk to be worthwhile. If Tony La Russa and Rasmus literally cannot get along together—well, I'm not sure what to say about that, although I'm not sure Rasmus is necessarily the one you trade there.


But Rasmus has already put together an All-Star caliber season under La Russa. His latest slump catalogues all the old Rasmus annoyances—the bad jumps and empty-headedness on defense, the strikeouts, the passiveness at the plate—but for all that he is still a center fielder with an OPS+ of 110. There are many, many worse things out there than being Ray Lankford, and short of a Woody Williams comeback I don't see the Cardinals making out as well on their next trade for an underachieving but still effective outfielder.