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NFL Free Agency: Tarvaris Jackson Fills Seattle Seahawks' Quarterback Vacancy

A shaky handoff between Matt Hasselbeck and odd quarterback-of-the-future Charlie Whitehurst left the Seattle Seahawks in a quandary that only the post-lockout NFL Free Agency landscape could solve. Their solution was revealed Tuesday, when the Seahawks signed free agent Tarvaris Jackson to a deal that makes him the prohibitive favorite in their post-Hasselbeck quarterback sweepstakes.

That leaves the Rams and the Seahawks as the only NFC West teams with relatively stable quarterback situations. The Cardinals are still in on Kevin Kolb and various other spare veterans after the Derek Anderson project went predictably disastrously, while the 49ers are in yet another delicate situation with perpetual quarterback-of-the-future Alex Smith.`The 49ers seem set for the offseason, but the decision the Cardinals make with their veteran team and their unloved rookie quarterback could reshape what promises to be a wide-open division.

The Rams, of course, drafted a guy named Sam Bradford instead of a guy named Jimmy Clausen. So far it's worked out well.