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MLB All-Star Voting: Paul Konerko, Shane Victorino Maintain Lead In Final Day

The biggest snub of the 2011 MLB All-Star Game has only been compounded by the Final Vote voting, which ends Thursday at 3 PM, but the most widely discussed snub of the game in the American League, the Chicago White Sox' Paul Konerko, looks on the verge of redemption—Konerko, along with the Philadelphia Phillies' Shane Victorino in the National League, holds the lead going into the final day of voting.

As an NL Central watcher, though, I have to ask: Has anybody here seen Andrew McCutchen? Ever? The Pirates' sole star was left off even the Final Vote ballot despite an OPS+ of 148—achieved in the most exciting possible ways, as a general rule—combined with outstanding defense in center field. I'm as tickled pink by Todd Helton's renaissance as anybody else, but McCutchen's absence from the regular roster, let alone this new one, is completely inexplicable.The Flyin' Hawaiian is having a great season of his own, but he and the Phillies aren't exactly lacking for recognition at this moment in time.