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TJ Oshie, Alex Steen Do Something The Blues Are Good At: Play Golf

Blues forward Alex Steen’s father, Thomas Steen, was a legend for the Winnipeg Jets franchise. Beloved by the city, Steen gives back with an annual charity golf tourney to benefit the Amadeus Steen Foundation for children’s charities, which is a very worthy cause.


This year’s tournament brought out such hockey luminaries as Nigel Dawes, new hometown hero Derek Meech (!), and Dustin Boyd. It also included some lesser-known players like Shane Hnidy (who kept talking about some Cup thing), Darryl Sittler, Winnipeg native Jonathan Toews, and Blues Alexander Steen and TJ Oshie.


Steen’s understandably excited about playing the Jets on February 25th. No word on if he, like the sane folks in Winnipeg, realize that they’re just the Zombie Thrashers and not really the Jets. But hey, when you’ve waited 15 years for a team, who cares?