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Peabody Opera House Now Included In Sale Of St. Louis Blues

According to an update on the ownership situation from Jeremy Rutherford, the Peabody Opera House is now included in the sale of the St. Louis Blues if someone wants it. The Peabody Opera House, for people unfamiliar with the situation, originated as the Kiel Opera House in 1934, was closed when the Kiel Auditorium was demolished to build what is now known as the Scottrade Center. The St. Louis Board of Aldermen voted in 2009 to subsidize the purchase and renovation of the Kiel by Sports Capital Partners, and the building was renamed (after the Peabody Energy Company) and will re-open in the fall of 2011.

The purchase of the Kiel was seen by many St. Louis sports fans and businesses as SCP's interest and investment in the city. Unfortunately, it's now shifted to something that's on the market if someone wants a great concert venue. That could be a draw for some, as both the Scottrade Center and the Peabody Opera House are two solid revenue generating venues that would be very appealing for someone interested in acquiring a St. Louis entertainment conglomerate - and who wouldn't be?

Along with the Peabody Opera House, the Blues, their AHL affiliate Peoria Rivermen, and the lease to play in the Scottrade Center will all be included in the asking price, which is expected to reach around $200 million.

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