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St. Louis Blues Receive "Multiple" Bids According To SCP Worldwide

Due to confidentiality agreements, SCP Worldwide and Dave Checketts can't specifically say which interested parties submitted official bids for the St. Louis Blues, Peoria Rivermen, and the Scottrade Center lease. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has confirmed though that minority owner Tom Stillman, who is heading a local group of investors, was one of those who submitted a bid. Stillman is the owner and CEO of Summit Distributing, a local beer distributorship.

According to most Blues fans, that makes Stillman the desirable guy to sell the team to. I'm sensing that they hope for an overlap between Stillman's two interests. Sadly, I do think that the return of Nickle Beer Night'll be a pipe dream.

It's not known if Matthew Hulsizer was one of those who submitted a bid, but Jeremy Rutherford mentions that one group requested to forgo the bid process and just make an offer. It's assumed that's Hulsizer's group. He might be waiting for a bargain - he refused to foot the total bill for the Phoenix Coyotes - but considering that the Blues are expected to go for around $200 million, he might be waiting for a while.

Robert Caporale, founder of Game Plan LLC (the group in charge of facilitating the sale of the Blues) said this to the Post-Dispatch:

"We'll review (the offers), make judgments, make comparisons and then we'll go back to everyone and give them a reaction to their proposal," he said. "We don't want to slow down the process, but until we get these detailed proposals, it's hard to predict how long it will take to get a binding contract with a buyer. But we hope that we could get it done within a couple of weeks."

If the Blues find someone who tenders an offer that they like, they can begin proceedings to sell the team. The Board of Governors must approve any sale of the team, and to get it done before the start of the season the Blues and the prospective owner need to get things ready for the BOG's September 20th meeting.

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