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Low Bidding Might Hold Tom Stillman Back From Blues Purchase

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, minority owner Tom Stillman's quest to become majority owner might have hit a snag over the price point. Tom Stillman originally put in an offer for the team in April that was only $110 million. He bid again, possibly at that same amount. Checketts and SCP Worldwide believe that the Blues have a value of around $180 million, and other sources place the value of the team, the Peoria Rivermen, and the lease to the Scottrade Center at around $200 million. If Stillman attempts to shortchange the owners value, his chances for purchasing the team might be closer to nil.

This attempt to lowball might be part of the reason that Matthew Hulsizer hasn't submitted a second bid. Despite this, both gentlemen are considered in the gameplan. If no one submitted a bid today that's satisfactory, it's expected that the current owners will entertain other offers until one is found that they approve of. The price will probably be influenced by the purchase price of the Dallas Stars - parties interested in that team have been rumored to have expressed interest in the Blues.

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