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NFL Free Agency: Ronnie Brown Spurns Rams For Philadelphia Eagles

The day after NFL free agency rumor mavens began predicting, for the first time all offseason, that the St. Louis Rams might chase a conventional running back and not a change-of-pace type to stand behind Steven Jackson, the exact opposite played out--Ronnie Brown, the conventional running back in question, went to the Philadelphia Eagles as part of their extensive title-contention makeover, while the Rams picked up one of the change-ups still on the market, Jerious Norwood, lately of the Atlanta Falcons

Brown was reportedly considering the Rams until the very end, but the Eagles could offer more playing time and a clearer path to the Super Bowl for the veteran back, so this hardly comes as a surprise. Brown's departure doesn't mean the Rams are finished looking for a full-sized back to go with Jackson and Norwood, however. The Rams' pursuit of Brown has been coupled with reports they're sniffing around Cadillac Williams and other backups who might yet lighten Steven Jackson's load.