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NFL Free Agency: Cadillac Williams Could Be The Punching Bag The Rams Seek

The St. Louis Rams have officially been declared in the hunt for a full-sized backup to overworked feature back Steven Jackson, and per the rumors they won't let a little thing like the Eagles signing number-one choice Ronnie Brown get in the way. Cadillac Williams is the latest name to be thrown around in the Rams' quest for a part-time bodyguard, and he could prove to be their ideal punching-bag.

Turf Show Times notes that Williams, who has emerged as a serviceable backup and pass-blocker after that superstar opening chapter in Tampa Bay was derailed by injuries that nearly ended his career, is somewhat more limited than Brown, let alone Jackson. 

But the Rams wouldn't be looking for dynamic play out of whichever player fills the Cadillac Williams Role at this point, would they? They're looking for a guy who can take the third-and-short punches they'd just as soon keep Steven Jackson out of arm's reach on. As the third back in a set that now includes Jerious Norwood, Williams represents a major upgrade over the likes of Kenneth Darby and Keith Toston, Jackson's would-be load-bearers in 2010, and I'm not sure the team would be asking for much besides that.