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U.S. Open 2011: Donald Young Vs. Andy Murray Among Matches Rescheduled For Wednesday

Donald Young and Andy Roddick are among the players affected by Tuesday's rainout of the 2011 US Open.

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Donald Young's straight-sets victory over Juan Ignacio Chela at the 2011 US Open was cause for a rapid, national reappraisal of the 22-year-old ex-washout, with outlets like Grantland scrambling to contextualize his strong performance within his checkered history as the United States' great men's-tennis-hope. Just in time for all that newfound attention to fix itself on an actual tennis match—the skies opened up, and Tuesday's scheduled rematch of Young with Andy Murray was, with the rest of the day's matches, unceremoniously postponed. (Young beat Murray back in March—if this really is the beginning of the rest of his career that day will be retconned as the start of his return to tennis glory.)

That means Young and Murray, along with elder statesman Andy Roddick, will all play at 10 AM CDT Wednesday—if those matches aren't postponed by more bad weather. Roddick, Young, and John Isner are the three remaining Americans in a group that's performed surprisingly well by recent standards—along with Mardy Fish, who was eliminated earlier in the week, they made up a quarter of the round of 16 competitors.

All are underdogs for their matches Wednesday—but then, most of them have been underdogs the entire tournament.