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2012 NHL Lockout

Posts pertaining to the Blues/player movement during the NHL Lockout.

Louie nominated for major mascot award

In some good news for the Blues, at least on a national stage, their mascot Louie has been nominated for the prestigious Most Awesome Mascot Award.

Pietrangelo's contract length could be CBA issue.

Will Alex Pietrangelo be able to get the length deal he'd like to have under whatever contract limits the new CBA imposes? Here's hoping yes.

David Backes disappointed in recent CBA talks

The Blues' captain has been a strong voice for the NHLPA during the CBA talks, and with the most recent talks breaking down, he's unhappy.

Want to see some hockey? Of course you do.

The Illinois Office of Tourism is running a swell contest in which you can win a set of four tickets and a $50 gas card for minor league hockey.

David Backes answers questions in Reddit AMA

It's a shame it's too late to submit questions to David Backes in today's Reddit AMA, but it's never too late to read the great questions and answers from the captain himself.

David Backes is still involved with the CBA talks

The captain of the St. Louis Blues is still a vital part of the group of NHLPA members working toward a resolution of the current CBA negotiation problems

NHL officially withdraws last CBA offer

Forget any hopes of getting full value out of your season tickets -- the NHL has withdrawn their last CBA offer, which means that the season will be a short one.

Should the NHL try for an 82 game season?

With a month gone, is it really that good of an idea to try to cram in a full schedule?

Backes feels new CBA a step in the right direction

The Blues captain thinks that the new CBA offer is a step in the right direction, and an important start to getting an 82 game season started as soon as possible.

Backes, McDonald offer thoughts on NHL lockout

It doesn't seem that NHL players are optimistic about the end of the lockout, especially two members of the St. Louis Blues.

Blues' Opening Game In Colorado Lost To Lockout

Tonight's Blues at Avalanche game won't be happening thanks to the NHL lockout and the official loss of the first two weeks of the season.

NHL Cancels First Two Weeks Of Games

The NHL's cancelled their first two weeks of games due to the ongoing NHL lockout. Eighty-two games are now off of the schedule.

NHL Scab Players: Would You Go Watch?

There's been talk about hiring replacement players for the duration of the lockout. Would you go watch them just to watch some sort -- any sort of NHL hockey?

Ken Hitchcock To Host Coaching Seminars

Blues' head coach and Jack Adams winner Ken Hitchcock wants to teach community coaches how to be a bench boss like he is. Defense first hockey will be sweeping St. Louis shortly.

NHL Lockout Begins, League Plays Nice With Fans

The NHL's released their official statement on the lockout, and it still manages to pretend to almost try to make the fans feel special.

Gary Bettman "Feels Terrible" About NHL Lockout

The NHL owners and Commissioner Gary Bettman seem to be more dismissive of the players' concerns than ever as professional hockey seems destined for a lockout.

NHL/NHLPA Recess Talks

The NHL owners and NHLPA's labor talks are apparently "recessed," with no word as to how long this break is going to last... or when the season'll start.

This stream has:

Blues Players Head Overseas For NHL Lockout

As the NHL lockout drags on, some members for the St. Louis Blues are finding employment overseas in the European leagues.