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Blues Goaltender Brian Elliott Chosen To Represent St. Louis At The All Star Game

This year’s All Star Game in Ottawa has finally got its rosters in a row, and the only member of the Blues who squeaked in was Brian Elliott – and he was probably the most deserving on the team. Also, it might be unfair for the Blues to have two out of the three Western Conference goaltenders.


Hopefully this doesn’t end up like the last time a Blues’ goalie was the team’s sole representative at the All Star Game. Manny Legace wound up in the 2008 Atlanta hosted All Star Game, and while he was a great guy to have on a mic he probably could have been replaced by a goaltender whose team wasn’t slowly imploding. Maybe it gave him a false sense of his own abilities, because Legace never performed the same afterwards.


Elliott will have the chance to perform in front of fans of the team who drafted them and who are currently confused at how well he’s playing.