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St. Louis Rams' Owner Successfully Terrifies Everybody About Los Angeles With Incoherent Non-Comment

I don't know whether St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke was trying to be reassuring about the Rams' potential move to Los Angeles with Tuesday's comments on the subject, but if he was he has successfully done the worst job of being reassuring ever. If I were trying to reassure a friend who just got dumped, the only way I could do it this badly would be to lead off with, "Don't worry, maybe she'll hook up with a really hot, successful guy instead of you, and they won't break up because he's way hotter and more successful than you."


His words: "The chronology of what occurs with the lease is public knowledge... I don't think for me to comment on that process is timely. I think the city has within its power, to present a proposal to us by Feb. 1..."


I don't think for me to comment on that sentence structure is really necessary, but since he is an astonishingly successful businessman and I'm a subsistence-level regional sportsblogger I don't feel too badly about dinging him for his ability to string together that many words that sound like English but clearly can't be. Generally, when you want people to buy into a team for the long haul, you don't answer long-standing rumors about Los Angeles, "Well, you know how it is."