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Goaltender Brian Elliott Re-Signed By Blues

This off-season, Elliott was signed by St. Louis for one year at $600,000 on a two way deal. Most folks figured this was insurance in case Ben Bishop wasn’t quite ready to play at a level higher than the AHL, which is exactly what happened.


Just like any good insurance policy, Elliott raised his rates. The Blues re-signed him today to a two-year, $3.6 million extension. You will be hard pressed to find a Blues fan willing to argue with that. He’s half of the stingiest tandem in the NHL, whose collective goals per game is a teeny 1.98 (the New York Rangers also have the same GPG). He’s second in goals against average, third in save percentage, and second in shutouts.


There’s no argument from anyone that he, along with Jaroslav Halak, are a huge reason that the Blues are as successful as they are this reason. This extension is well-earned.