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NHL All-Star Draft: Who Selects Brian Elliott?

The NHL All-Star weekend is upon us, and the league wasted no time with scheduling events. Tonight at 7:00 on the NBC Sports Network, the NHL All-Star draft selection will be held. Most people are wondering who will be this year’s Mr. Irrelevant — the guy chosen last and the guy who winds up with some sort of Chevrolet product that’s not a Corvette. Frankly, Blues fans who are watching will be wondering about something else: where will netminder Brian Elliott go, and who will draft him?


Obviously, goaltenders of greater note are in the game. Carey Price, Jimmy Howard, Henrik Lundqvist, Brian Elliott, and Jonathan Quick are all attending this game. Team Alfredsson already has one goaltender since Lundqvist is his alternate captain, but expect to Howard to wind up there as well. Why? Daniel Alfredsson was his teammate during his beginning years as an Ottawa Senator, that’s why. Other goaltender selected by Team Alfie? Probably Carey Price, since we all know how much the other captain Zdeno Chara gets along with Canadiens.


Elliott won’t be one of the top picks – I’d expect him to be at the middle of the draft – but expect to see him wind up on Team Alfie tonight.