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Watch the St. Louis Rams' fake field goal touchdown pass

Johnny Hekker to Danny Amendola, just as the St. Louis Rams always intended.

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

If you didn't see the St. Louis Rams' fake field goal touchdown pass as it was happening, you missed a chance to watch the least conventional way Danny Amendola could possibly make one of his trademark two-yard receptions—a play that even FOX commentator Mike Martz could appreciate. Rookie punter Johnny Hekker, a high-school quarterback, took the hold on a chip-shot field goal for Greg Zuerlein before shooting straight up and throwing (a little high) to Amendola, waiting alone in one corner of the end zone. The Seattle Seahawks were caught completely off-guard, and it shows—score one for Jeff Fisher and Brian Schottenheimer. Here's an animated GIF, the internet's purest form of highlight video:

Ladies and gentlemen, Danny Amendola: Everybody's security blanket. Hekker's touchdown pass insured that the St. Louis Rams scored all 19 points with their field goal unit—Zuerlein's extra point was joined by four real field goals, including a 60-yarder.

This play, though, shows Greg Zuerlein's game does have one weakness: He didn't make a very good decoy, if you'll watch him half-heartedly shamble, Michael Morse-style, to where the ball might be. It's okay, though—he's a rookie, and he'll have plenty of time to work on this now that Johnny Hekker is the Rams' most dangerous offensive weapon.