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Blues Coach Ken Hitchcock To Host Free Coaching Seminars

Blues coach Ken Hitchcock wants to "give back" to the community during the NHL lockout in the form of free coaching sessions.

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

This is exciting stuff. Have you ever wished that your hockey coach knew what they were doing? Have you ever wished that you could more effectively communicate things to your players? Well, has Ken Hitchcock got a deal for you! The 2012 Jack Adams coach of the year winner, who turned the Blues from a middle of the road team to Central Division champions, wants to give back to the St. Louis community during the NHL lockout.

October 9-11th at the St. Louis Mills Ice Zone, Hitch will be showing local coaches from rec league to high school and up exactly how he works his magic. Eighty local coaches are already signed up for the course, so get ready for a rash of defensive battles all across St. Louis.

"The thing I learned in the (2004-05) lockout when we were in Philadelphia is as coaches in the NHL all we do is take, and now this is our chance to give back, so you might as well stay active in it," Hitchcock told

"We've had people sit in, ex-players, and watch us present our videos to make sure they all understand it," Hitchcock added. "All that ended last week and now it's like, 'OK, let's start looking at the future' ... We figure, let's start helping other people reach their goals."

The whole Blues coaching staff is getting into the clinic. If you're interested, and if there's space left,the sign-up is here on the Blues' website.