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Pete Kozma has officially out-Bo-Harted Bo Hart

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Pete Kozma is outhitting Bo Hart, which—which should make you a little wary, I guess.

Jeff Curry - Getty Images

One weird thing about the Pete Kozma phenomenon: The St. Louis Cardinals are no stranger to one-month wonders. The canonical example is Bo Hart, who rode some goofily acrobatic catches and an early batting average over .400, along with the memorably gritty name and mien, to high shersey sales, a half-season as the Cardinals' starting second baseman, and a lifetime of warm whatever-happened-to talk at Busch Stadium. Now, though, Pete Kozma has outhit Bo Hart, for what little that's worth.

Hat tip to guayzimi, a longtime Viva El Birdos reader, for noticing. Through 23 games, Pete Kozma, the Cardinals' one-time draft bust from 2007's first round, is hitting .338/.375/.600, with five doubles, three triples, and two home runs in 73 plate appearances. Bo Hart, in a crazier offensive environment, was hitting .379/.413/.579 through 23 games, with an incredible BAbip of .452. (Bodhimania probably peaked around Game 9, when he hit went 4-6 to push his line up to .489/.500/.689.)

Of course, Hart stopped hitting for the rest of the season and lost his job the next year. Kozma's two years younger and was already in AA Springfield by the time Hart was drafted (and hitting .184 in a short-season league), which makes the comparison complicated. But Pete Kozma, if nothing else, is at least ahead of Bo Hart at this point in their respective pro baseball careers. Whether you want to take that as good news or an incoming cautionary tale is up to you, and whether you can return that Kozma shersey or not.