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Yes, Bryce Harper's red contact lenses make him look like a vampire

Bryce Harper is wearing red contact lenses, because everything Bryce Harper does is news.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

So far the most newsworthy thing Bryce Harper has done in the Washington Nationals' NLDS with the St. Louis Cardinals is get doubled off on Matt Holliday's cartoonishly bad throw in Game 2, so maybe this isn't such a bad thing: In the game's 12:00 start, he's in the news for wearing red contact lenses. Really, really red contact lenses. They make him look like a vampire, as noticed by the MLB Network broadcasters and dramatized in the Viva El Birdos game thread. You don't have Stephanie Meyer to blame for this, though—try Nike. They're performance-enhancing horror movie props, and they apparently go by the name of MAXSIGHT contact lenses.

via the quick-drawing mojowo11

I hadn't seen them since Brian Roberts credited them for his improved hitting several years ago, but though a quick glance at the internet suggests Nike either discontinued them or isn't marketing them very hard, it seems like a few players a year give them a shot—Josh Hamilton, among others, tried them last year. The color is supposed to allow a batter to better detect the seams on a baseball in the harsher light of a day game.

No word yet as to whether Bryce Harper's other pair of contact lenses has cat's eyes. But I really, really hope they do.