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St. Louis Blues Opening Night Against Colorado Avalanche Lost To NHL Lockout

So much for that big national NBC Sports Network broadcast of the Blues' first game of the season. It, with the rest of the opening two weeks, is gone.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

Two weeks of games have been written off of the NHL schedule, probably never to be played. Unfortunately tonight, the opening day of the NHL season, was going to be a fairly big to-do on the NBC Sports Network, with games being broadcast and the annual NHL Fan Faceoff being aired. But no! The league's not only depriving us of watching more awkwardness like this tonight...

...they're also depriving fans of seeing their teams begin the season. The Blues were going to be in Colorado tonight to take on the Avalanche at 9:00 Central time. If you flip on the NBC Sports Network at that time tonight, what will you be treated to? Well, I'm not sure, because their schedule page is terrible. But what I am sure of is the fact that it's not going to be the Blues at Avs.

Will this game ever be played? The sooner that the NHL and NHLPA resolve their issues with the CBA, the more likely it is that they can shove all 82 games into some sort of nightmare gauntlet of a schedule. The longer it drags on, which is looking more likely by the day, the greater the chance that the schedule this year will be truncated.